Floravista provides ecological solutions for construction, development, restoration, and management challenges.  

Our list of services includes:

Vegetation and Wildlife inventory and monitoring
  • rare, threatened, endangered plant and wildlife surveys
  • listed species monitoring work and reporting
  • listed species habitat assessments
  • Future Land Use Cover and Forms Classification System (FLUCFCS) natural communities mapping

Wetland delineation, determination, and mitigation
  • informal wetland determinations
  • formal wetland boundary delineations
  • wetland mitigation plans and permitting

Certified Arborist Services
  • tree inventories
  • tree health and viability assessments following International Society of Arboriculture standards
  • hazardous tree assessment

Landscape design and consultation
  • xeriscaping (water-wise landscaping)
  • native plant design appropriate to site conditions and to comply with local laws and regulations
  • butterfly and song-bird attracting landscape plant palettes