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Conservation Subdivision Design Project Management

Floravista conducted a comprehensive regulatory environmental assessment of the site and coordinated with all parties (Property Owner, County Government, St. Johns River Water Management District, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, the Project Engineer and Landscape Architect) to ensure the project met all federal, state, and local laws. Floravista provided consulting services to the Client whose goal was to avoid all listed species impacts, specimen/heritage tree impacts, wetland and wetland buffer impacts, while developing and creating a rural, conservation-oriented, wooded, subdivision plat for a 32.58 acre vacant parcel. This saved the developer mitigation time and expenses, while preserving a naturally vegetated and wooded setting between the large-lot home sites.

During 2006, Floravista, Inc. completed an environmental assessment of the site. Floravista mapped the soils and vegetation, which comprised mesic pine flatwoods, hydric pine flatwoods, graminoid marsh, and scrubby pine flatwoods. To meet Brevard County's Tree Protection and Canopy Cover Ordinance, Floravista conducted canopy measurements in sub-sample units of varying canopy densities, including helicopter photography measurements. Floravista inventoried and mapped listed species, including Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) burrows, and conducted a Florida Scrub-jay (Aphelocoma coerulescens) survey, obtaining federal verification that the Florida Scrub-jay was not using or occupying the property.

The natural vegetation fulfilled the tree canopy cover and landscaping requirements, and eliminated the need for spending money on additional landscaping. This approach resulted in an approved 12 large-lot subdivision with "instant, native landscaping, offering privacy and a vegetative visual and sound buffer between lots. The Water Management District issued an Environmental Resources Permit for this plat in 2008.

This project is featured on the Owner/Developer's website: Mayan Woods